TableTango’s New Address

OK, Kids, this is it

You knew it along, right?  Now it’s official.  Bookmark please, and head on over.

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Table Tango Will be Moving

Soon a new link will be posted here pointing to the new home of Table Tango.  Life moves on and so does Tango.  Get ready for the dance when it moves.

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The daze go on

It’s been simplistically hectic as hell.  there’s always something to do, some place to be, a phone call to make, an email to answer – you know the drill, you live it every day.  I made a zag into Vegas on Wednesday and had plans to meet Steve for breakfast at Mimis Cafe, along with a few other projects for the day.  The breakfast was great, the company was great, and then the exceptionally great part happened.  I told Steve I had to go to the old digs and load up some Windsor Stone to bring to the new digs.  He asked if I wanted some help.  Holy Shit!  A person that barely knows me offering to do real physical labor in the desert heat…unreal Lucille. Continue reading

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Wish it were so.  I can’t seem to stay awake as of late.  Did life just kinda catch up one day and I went into snooze land?  Maybe stress from pre-trip got to me?  I can’t figure it but I know I have the worst time keeping my head clear and my thoughts focused lately and napping just sounds like the thing to do.  Of course you never get jack done if you’re napping…other than catching up on sleep and when you crank out of z-z-z-z land, everything’s setting there staring you in the face.  The eternal treadmill never slows down…not even for lazy butts like me.  For three or four weeks I couldn’t sleep longer than about four to five hours a night and seldom managed a nap, now I can’t stay awake longer than three or four hours without feeling like I need one even if I had extended sleep just a short time ago.  AGHHHH!!

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Notes of Interest

The first notable, most interesting topic of the day is the finale of the PokerWorks H.O.R.S.E. tournament played last night on PokerStars – we switched from the 8 Game Format back to H.O.R.S.E. and it was amazing how much faster it played down than the 8 game.  We had 8 players and it was perfect, we were all seated at the final table.  There appeared to be some sort of glitch at registration though and none of us know the answer as of yet.  We had just started and had one seat open and it disappeared from view, as if we’d had a player there and they’d gone busto. Continue reading

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PokerWorks H.O.R.S.E.

Let’s play!  Tonight!  In case it’s not the same day for you as it is for me – the 9th of August.  Use the password ‘donkey’s – show up at PokerStars and register by 21:00ET – of course you need the monumental sum of $5+$.50 to take a seat but PokerStars has a gi-goficus deposit/reload bonus going on right now.  Bring your best chat box banter with you, come armed with a bagful of bad beats, and have some fun with us.  Look for PokerWorks Family or search tournament #185300741.  See you there!

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Sandwoman Land has extended hours

Yesterday found me sleeping in…I got up at 5 a.m. and today was a real wonderment, I was in snooze land until 6:45.  Could there be a real world awakening here?  I might be reverting back to…what?  I used to stay up all night and hit the sand around 7 a.m. – waking around 3 or 4 in the p.m.  Shit!  Aging is such a beautiful thing, everything goes topsy-turvy and it proves you are still alive.  That’s the big bonus I suppose, you are still alive. Continue reading

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Mopping the roof

Beats the hell out of mopping those splintery old wood floors that were in some of the houses we lived in as kids.  We were the ultimate gypsy band of vagrants, except I believe Gypsies have a tighter clan and some kind of back-up, they stick together.  We were rag-tagging along with our mom, following our dad to parts unknown with no money and no means of reliable transportation – just get a rubber band (duct tape hadn’t been invented yet) and a wrench and hammer and hope for the best.  Continue reading

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Reports in the air

I kinda wish I watched TV or even got a channel worth watching out here in the big P…apparently Mori’s latest endeavor, Face the Ace, could be a big hit!  That would be fantastic for him and poker.  Mori’s a great guy and very supportive of working towards what’s best for the game of poker…he has been since the early Mirage days. Continue reading

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I’m here…but not

I can’t seem to find a time of day that I don’t want to fall down and sleep.  Umnhhh!  I don’t have a ramming jamming schedule planned so it’s not like I can’t go take a nap, I just get tired of feeling like I need one.  In other words, I’m sick and tired of being tired!  I’m blaming it on the last few weeks and figure it will start to smooth out soon. Continue reading

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