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Heads-up $1,000,000 Buy-in Hold’em

Dealt a $200-400 Omaha 8 or Better game and the topic of discussion was ‘the stranger’ who played heads-up, $1,000,000 buy-in holdem. The report was that he’s expected back. No sign yet.

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Stranger lost $6,000,000

The bottom line as of last night, Stranger lost $6,000,000.  Apparently he can afford to do that but who wants to?  He did beat a few players playing heads up but not in the ‘big buy-in’ game.

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Call me daddy!

It’s business as usual…poker here, poker there, people running in from all over the world, wins/losses, stories galore…one place opens…one place closes. You just go with the flow. Oh, one important factor here, you’re a female dealer/player. You open a … Continue reading

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Serving Brain Damage

One of my favorite cocktail waitresses moved around our table taking orders. She turned around and accidentally bumped the hat of the player in the 10 seat (Ritchie) with the edge of her tray. She instantly apologized, he said it … Continue reading

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