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Guinness and Poker

The Blog Father has returned to his pre PokerWorks Digs. *Sniff*

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Bellagio Conservatory in Daylight

This is a short picture update of Chinese New Year in daylight. And I now know it’s the ‘year of the Boar’ and not the year of the pig. But damned if that little pink thing doesn’t look likea pig, … Continue reading

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Project City Center VIII

As pointed out to me in a comment by ‘workerbee‘, I’m late with doing an update. Totally! Thanks for the nudge. The last update is here. The latest update is here.

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Planet of the Donkeys

I had thought to just throw out the title of this post and let it ferment for a bit before going back to it. It does load a plethora of pictures in my head, some are best left alone, and … Continue reading

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A knot in the edge

There’s nothing quite like the loose ends of insanity to pull you back together, just when you think you’re flipping out and all your edges are frayed, someone ties a knot in the edge and you step back into it.

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The Blank Page

That’s how I feel about this last two weeks at work. Perhaps it should just be left as a blank page.

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The Game Just Started!

I was out cruising the streets of my RV park, on foot, on Super BowlSunday when I happened to pass one of my fellow RV’ers and we exchanged a few pleasantries. He told me in passing that the game had … Continue reading

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The Greatest Show on Earth!

Perhaps the show from the dealer’s box is one of the funniest and most bizarre on Earth for viewing people’s emotional levels and watching their ability to handle stress as their money is pushed in another direction. I’ve ventured back … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Post

I feel the need to explain my last post. I do not hate dealing. If I had to go out tomorrow and look for another job and I was skilled in several (I used to be a cocktail waitress, also … Continue reading

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Dealing vs. Playing

Dealing vs. playing – and writing down the events of the game really aren’t much different for me. I find myself being a spectatorwhen I’m in the player’s seat more often than being a competitor so the difference between dealing … Continue reading

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