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Life in the desert

Anywhere you are, no matter what you’re doing, could be classified as life in the desert.  I’m really in the desert.  No, there are no sandy sloping dunes running off in different directions, but there are lots of mesquites, creosote … Continue reading

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Everything’s running at full speed, I’m in reverse

Man, I can’t catch up!  I feel like I’m stranded on the dark side of Nowhere and the faster I try to run to daylight, the bigger Nowhere becomes. I had Riot out here for a few days.  What a … Continue reading

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Online poker continues, despite DOJ and flawed marketing II

So…obviously I lied.  I said I would be back tomorrow.  I just couldn’t get here.  Read the 1st part to make sense of this part…or maybe not, maybe it only makes sense to me since I’m the one writing it.

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