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All New Year’s Eve!

So…I’m hanging out at home on the edge of dark and cold, really happy to be here instead of being in the middle of light and noise.  I’ve been thinking back to more than one New Year’s Eve spent in … Continue reading

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Strategy articles on PokerWorks

My relationship with PokerWorks has gone through a lot of different stages over the years – including different programmers, servers, CMS, and a lot of other things that keep me hopping to always play catch up.

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Merry Christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! It’s a desert kind of day, sunshine all around, chilly but OK, the only snow is up in the mountains.  Feast and feeding going on next door at my sis’s in mid afternoon; along with the wish that … Continue reading

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Sorry, I have Tourettes

It isn’t funny but it is.  Riot never seems to slow down as he spins like a whirlwind on his way through the argumentative narrative that follows every command he doesn’t want to hear, and dances to his latest favorite … Continue reading

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We took a hike

and found a safe in the desert.  It’s a floor model, almost as tall as me, with a combination lock, a Meilink, with the door ripped right off, laying about 10 feet from the safe.  A compartment that fit inside … Continue reading

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A week?

A week has come and gone since my last post.  How the hell? I managed to come down or wake up to something that shot my whole system out into space a mile or so high and then slammed me … Continue reading

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