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My relationship with PokerWorks has gone through a lot of different stages over the years – including different programmers, servers, CMS, and a lot of other things that keep me hopping to always play catch up.

Recently PokerWorks was moved to a new CMS system that is vastly improved but has created a few issues…like card symbols didn’t show up in articles, links worked in some published articles but when going back to a page in CMS and making changes/edits, it wiped out the links (mainly in strategy articles) and tinkering…some on my part, some on the programmers part, and the show goes on and on and on.

Many times when I go back to an old page to link something up or find something I’m referencing, I end up correcting something on that page.  The images are one of the worst issues.  Most of the images were lost in a previous CMS change (hence the ‘let poker work for you’ – note please that I absolutely hate that image and was never consulted on its use) and the programmers sent me a zip file of all the images used when the CMS change was made.  The problem is the images all have weirdo number tags and you can’t just open the gigantic zip file and find something listed alphabetically by name.  I fear that most of the images are never going to be replaced in their original articles because I don’t have time to look and sort.  *Sniff*  Some of them were classic.

Presently I’m working on Strategy articles that have been on my pc for some time and have been publishing them bit by bit.  No, I didn’t write them.  It’s the Poker Variant Section and when it’s finally finished, it will hold information on some games that you’ve read about but may have never played or can’t find unless you’re in a high limit section or in a home game.

On the subject of poker, I’ve heard reports from friends that they believe the new statement by the government regarding the Wire Act signals that we will have online poker soon.  Personally, I think it will be awhile.  First, you have to understand that our fearless leaders in the United States need to pull their head out of their ass and then it will be awhile before their vision clears.  Note that in all of the references made to online gambling – whether it’s a state, city, county, or the United States – all statements in the news lead to the fact that gaming would fill the void of much needed revenue.  No Shit?

It’s becoming more and more obvious to a lot of our political leaders that the best way to earn revenue is to unlock the magic door to us sicko degens that like to play poker. The problem as I see it is that each state appears to feel the need to control some part of it – contingent upon the federal government allowing it.  If the states start intrastate poker, I believe it will be a real POS (Piece of shit). If we can’t play poker with all the US players and the rest of the world, what’s the point?  And why doesn’t the federal government just get in gear and set up regulation for it?

I used to think that within a year or too we would be back online, able to sign up at all the online poker sites, but I don’t believe that now.  I think we will have to go through a convoluted, fucking mess with more bullshit hype from the leaders in politics that want to protect us from ourselves, while others try to set up a shitty gaming platform that will simple ruin every player’s opportunity to play against a massive field of opponents that keep the games full every day. Face it, if there isn’t a newly refreshing influx of players over time, the games get really, really bad.

All of the above should be taken with a shot of whiskey followed by a shot of complete indifference, unless of course you have an ‘in’ somewhere that can get the ball rolling and get us all back online battling it out at the green felt.

I haven’t had a pair of Aces cracked in so long now that I really can’t remember what it even felt like.  Maybe next year…

About Linda R. Geenen

The easiest way to begin is to start at the beginning. But where is that? At what point does one suddenly decide they are going to spend the rest of their life involved in the intricate art of the dance? What is the art of the dance? A game about people - played with a deck of cards. Poker! I stepped into the poker world in 1980 in Missoula, Montana. I didn't know anything about poker, couldn't tell you what the difference was between a bet and raise, or if a straight beat a flush. I had three boys to feed, needed a job and a dealing spot was open in one of the local bars. I played my first hand of poker in a 5 Card Stud game (with the help of one of my bosses) and that was it! I was hooked. I lived, breathed, slept, dreamed, ate, and talked poker. I eventually ran my own games (licensed by the County) in several different bars in Missoula, and at one point, managed the games in the bar where I started my first dealing job. In 1987 I traveled from Montana to Nevada to deal major poker tournaments, returning to Montana at the end of each one. In 1989, I opened The Mirage – along with 6,400 other people. In 1993, I moved to Gulfport, Mississippi, and opened Grand Casinos Poker Room, returning a year later to Las Vegas and The Mirage. In 1998 I opened Bellagio - along with over 9,000 other employees. In 2003, I dealt the final table of the Aruba Ultimate Bet Poker Classic event. Hey…I’m on TV! I had the privilege of being chosen as the dealer in the Howard Lederer videos that have been released on No Limit Holdem. I play poker on a regular basis and I deal to every name brand player that is still above ground and breathing air, the elite, the freaks, the ne’er do wells, the rich, the poor, the illiterate, the educated, the beautiful, the ugly, the superstitious, the rational, the sane, and the insane. Perhaps I am the one that is insane but if I am, I fit right into the game plan. Five nights a week I walk into the greatest, social melting pot known to mankind. I no longer dream about it but the art of the dance is prevalent in everything I do - see you there!
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