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The election is over – Thank you GOD! – and I really thought I’d get here much sooner, just to express my appreciation that we were done with it. But we aren’t. People seem to be more hatefully divided in politics than I can ever remember. I voted for Gary Johnson…so hate me, Kids, I don’t care. I did not like Obama or Romney as a choice and knew beforehand that Johnson had a snowball’s chance in hell. But I’m not waving a flag and crying because my candidate wasn’t elected. Facebook is still a scrolling torture fest IMHO, I’ve taken a few people off my newsfeed, but I’m ready to move on. Stop the damned election loop already.

And I moved right into a music loop. This song is stuck somewhere between my ears. Maybe in a day or two the loop will wear off and I’ll be on to something else.

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I have the itch to play poker, live would be fun, but it’s one helluva drive to Vegas to have game choices and I’m not sure if my head can wrap into it.  The trip and four hours in a game is like an 8 hour shift.  My dog won’t be happy.  She has separation anxiety as it is. There is a slim chance I could be playing online poker in Nevada before too long – for real money.  That would feel very strange. I do have accounts (very little cash in them) on sites that still accept US players but I admit to being a bit shy about playing real money on them.  If I got ultra fortunate and won a tournament or chunk of cash, I might not get it off of the site.

The latest report from the PPA and the status of US player’s funds still living in the pocket of the feds with no clear date set for payment makes me want to puke.  PokerStars lived up to their end of repayment and now the feds have their dick in their hand hanging it out the window…like piss on you American players.  I won’t go into the rant I feel like spewing out about the fucking government.

On the home front, Riot has been out to spend a weekend with me a coupla times.  The last time he was here we got to hike to the small ridge just above where Amy and I found the kittens almost two months ago. The kittens are alive and well and enjoying the comforts of a nurturing CatMom.  I get reports and pictures of them all the time and it’s a true ‘feel good’ story.

Riot found one of his favorites last time he was out:


He tries to convince me that he’s a ‘trainer’ and can train bugs.  I’ve argued with him that pulling off a leg or a wing is not training but he seems to be past those days now and take a ‘look and carry’ approach, although he never did hurt mantids – even on his best training day.

We’ve had some incredibly glorious sunsets out here in the desert.  This one is a real eye-popper.


And this one has just the right touch of subtle brightness to it too make it gorgeous:


Laters…things to do. Whatever you do, stay out of the loop.

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The easiest way to begin is to start at the beginning. But where is that? At what point does one suddenly decide they are going to spend the rest of their life involved in the intricate art of the dance? What is the art of the dance? A game about people - played with a deck of cards. Poker! I stepped into the poker world in 1980 in Missoula, Montana. I didn't know anything about poker, couldn't tell you what the difference was between a bet and raise, or if a straight beat a flush. I had three boys to feed, needed a job and a dealing spot was open in one of the local bars. I played my first hand of poker in a 5 Card Stud game (with the help of one of my bosses) and that was it! I was hooked. I lived, breathed, slept, dreamed, ate, and talked poker. I eventually ran my own games (licensed by the County) in several different bars in Missoula, and at one point, managed the games in the bar where I started my first dealing job. In 1987 I traveled from Montana to Nevada to deal major poker tournaments, returning to Montana at the end of each one. In 1989, I opened The Mirage – along with 6,400 other people. In 1993, I moved to Gulfport, Mississippi, and opened Grand Casinos Poker Room, returning a year later to Las Vegas and The Mirage. In 1998 I opened Bellagio - along with over 9,000 other employees. In 2003, I dealt the final table of the Aruba Ultimate Bet Poker Classic event. Hey…I’m on TV! I had the privilege of being chosen as the dealer in the Howard Lederer videos that have been released on No Limit Holdem. I play poker on a regular basis and I deal to every name brand player that is still above ground and breathing air, the elite, the freaks, the ne’er do wells, the rich, the poor, the illiterate, the educated, the beautiful, the ugly, the superstitious, the rational, the sane, and the insane. Perhaps I am the one that is insane but if I am, I fit right into the game plan. Five nights a week I walk into the greatest, social melting pot known to mankind. I no longer dream about it but the art of the dance is prevalent in everything I do - see you there!
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