Two Week Update

The last few days are ‘firsts’ in terms of brain activity related to work duties.  Mostly I’ve been in a daze of feel good for a bit, do a few things, eat, feel like shit, exhausted, need a nap, can’t think about anything with a focus on detail, and NOW?  Who knows!  I am much better though.

The dermabond still seals off the wounds, they look to be doing well — the only one that is a tad bit ugly is the same one I went to see the surgeon about last week but it now looks like a thick scab I could’ve gotten as a kid when I took a tumble.  But overall…much better.

My last post was in search of ‘the dealer’ side of life content to which I got a few replies but not much that would lead me to believe there is a lot of interest from dealers to get involved.  Nope, I didn’t advertise to the world but I did put some feelers out on a dealer forum on Facebook and posted on my own time line about the quest, plus PokerWorks Twitter feed.  So I’m on my own.  I’m going to do it.  Dealers in live poker rooms are a very important part of the business and they can help make – or break – a poker room.  Obviously my articles will be from my perspective but I feel I’m screwed up enough logical enough to make some sense out of the tangle of what happens at poker tables to present them to the rest of the world.  One of my goals will be to see if I can get comments enabled on those articles so I can receive feedback from the rest of the world.

Of course as soon as you mention tipping, those 12-year-olds that frequent the TwoPlusTwo forums will be all over it like ‘stink on shit’ because that’s what they do.  They take everything out of context and dive into it like a dung beetle that’s been deprived of a big pile of poo for a year. But controversy is the name of the game, right?

I’m torn for a title for that category.  No one left me a comment regarding that.  Anyone?

I did play two tournaments on the, one was a buy-in, the other a freeroll.  I’m trying to get my tickets straightened out for 7 freerolls that are bonuses for making your first deposit and for the October 25th $100K Freeroll that is open to those that signed up at the Rio during the WSOP.  Like a dipshit/dunce-tard I put down the wrong email address when I set up my account.  That is in the process of being resolved now. Sometimes I do wonder if my brain flips into gear, only to have it jump off to another gear that is missing some teeth and cannot perform standard functions.  Kee-rist!

I have at least 47 things to do today — and the possibility of a nap is looming in the next few hours — so leave me a comment on the title of the category. Stay well and keep on keeping on!

About Linda R. Geenen

The easiest way to begin is to start at the beginning. But where is that? At what point does one suddenly decide they are going to spend the rest of their life involved in the intricate art of the dance? What is the art of the dance? A game about people - played with a deck of cards. Poker! I stepped into the poker world in 1980 in Missoula, Montana. I didn't know anything about poker, couldn't tell you what the difference was between a bet and raise, or if a straight beat a flush. I had three boys to feed, needed a job and a dealing spot was open in one of the local bars. I played my first hand of poker in a 5 Card Stud game (with the help of one of my bosses) and that was it! I was hooked. I lived, breathed, slept, dreamed, ate, and talked poker. I eventually ran my own games (licensed by the County) in several different bars in Missoula, and at one point, managed the games in the bar where I started my first dealing job. In 1987 I traveled from Montana to Nevada to deal major poker tournaments, returning to Montana at the end of each one. In 1989, I opened The Mirage – along with 6,400 other people. In 1993, I moved to Gulfport, Mississippi, and opened Grand Casinos Poker Room, returning a year later to Las Vegas and The Mirage. In 1998 I opened Bellagio - along with over 9,000 other employees. In 2003, I dealt the final table of the Aruba Ultimate Bet Poker Classic event. Hey…I’m on TV! I had the privilege of being chosen as the dealer in the Howard Lederer videos that have been released on No Limit Holdem. I play poker on a regular basis and I deal to every name brand player that is still above ground and breathing air, the elite, the freaks, the ne’er do wells, the rich, the poor, the illiterate, the educated, the beautiful, the ugly, the superstitious, the rational, the sane, and the insane. Perhaps I am the one that is insane but if I am, I fit right into the game plan. Five nights a week I walk into the greatest, social melting pot known to mankind. I no longer dream about it but the art of the dance is prevalent in everything I do - see you there!
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8 Responses to Two Week Update

  1. Ten Mile says:

    All alone. With readers.

  2. TM – I couldn’t wait. Here’s the end result and the beginning of my new series:

  3. Ten Mile says:

    ‘Kay. I’ve added it to my favorites list. That means I’ll have to punch it up each time. Keep ‘er going and I’ll add it to the reader – which means I’ll not have to punch it up.

    Well, no one ever said a reader had to be energetic, did they.

  4. Jan says:

    Good luck with the new series, Linda. These days, I feel about as far as possible away from poker, other than my monthly home game that has been going on for 20 years. Line of the night last night: One of the players says in the middle of everyone catching up on how flooded their houses, businesses, etc. are, and other stories from our recent disaster here, “This week is an important anniversary for me. In three days, it will be eight years to the day that my wife thinks that I stopped watching porn.” It was a needed laugh in the middle of what has been a very insane couple of weeks (the basement we always play in was completely torn apart after the flood, which didn’t stop us from playing there, but it was sobering nonetheless). Best wishes for your health.

  5. KenP says:

    Well, I was going to suggest: What’s the Big Deal
    But I’m late to the party … again.

    For those who clicked on the link, click on the title in the black line. That will get you to that orange square with the semi-cirles. By clicking on that you will send it to your favorite reader from there on out. I did and anticipate a lot of the “Old Linda” showing through. Used to love her thoughts when she was still slinging em.

    SHE’S BACK!!!

  6. TM – as usual, appreciated comments and the humor. Keep the reader going for hells sake.

  7. Jan, hope you’ve all managed to survive the flooding and the dish that mother nature is dealing out. The poker game sounds like a ton of fun. Thanks for the well wishes on the series and the health. I started playing – enjoying playing online poker again but haven’t been anywhere live in FOREVER!

  8. Ken, good title…too late. I’m enthused about writing this series. Now it’s time to see how much of my brain and time I can utilize during the day so I can keep everything updating. Thanks for the visit and the plug!

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