Weekends past

I hesitate to write about some things due to the fact that my penning could be read by some parties that could affect the lives of the little people I know.  Nah…I never hesitate to write anything about some of the big people I know if I feel the need to put it down in my own little slice of personal history — Table Tango.  But when it comes to the little people, they are at the mercy of the ‘parentals’ and can’t escape. Continue reading

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Rolling, rolling, rolling…

I hit Vegas on Wednesday, thinking my tax appointment was for that day at 2 p.m. and I had my day planned around it.  Luckily, I happened to go back and check, one more time, because for some reason age has dimmed…just about everything when it comes to times, appointments, where did I put this or that so I’d remember exactly where it was when I wanted it — yeah…right! When I checked back, I realized it was for Thursday, the next day but my plans were set for other things, like picking up my jeep. Continue reading

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WAHOO! Tomorrow I get the JEEP!

What the Pointer Sisters said.  “I’m so excited!!!” After almost seven weeks of being ‘carless’ it feels like Christmas is coming early.  And with everything that’s been done to it, it’s a complete rebuild on the engine.  I should be able to drive that baby until I’m 90 or so.  WOOT!  It will probably last a lot longer than I will. Continue reading

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Maybe this is only funny to me

I started searching through emails and blog posts and, and, and, looking for follow-up info on my continuation of The View from the Box with Andy Beal as the spotlight.  I got stuck reading old posts and just shaking my head at the insanity and noise and confusion that abounds in a high limit poker room almost 24/7, only dropping off a bit on graveyard unless there’s a major tournament going on.

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It’s about time

that I put my tush in the driver’s seat at Tango and started spinning out a bit of noise.  There’s a wicked rumor out that my Jeep may be fixed sometime this week. It’s about 6 weeks now and I’m on the verge of LOSING IT! Continue reading

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Damn trumpet vines and a little WSOP.com glitch

Trumpet vines! Those plants are designed to survive, try digging them out and if you leave any piece of root, they grow out again. You can’t break them off and damage the vine enough to kill it.  If they drop a seed pod near anything you want to keep, they grow right into the roots of the plant you want and make it almost impossible to get them out.  Continue reading

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One of us is in a slump

Obviously that would be me since this is my page and it’s always going to accept my whining and crying — or jubilant shouts of triumph — and some days it may even roll serenely along if I’m just mellowing out and can’t find any sharp corners or screamers to complain about.  Yuppers, I have all of those mood swings trapped inside…best not to wake sleeping dogs sometimes.

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Friends that work on cars

So far he is a friend but there is no work done on my Jeep.  See last post where I whine about being carless.  I still am.  Friday it will be two weeks since I left Las Vegas and left my rig setting up in the northwest by the old digs.  The only good news is that the rebuild kit came in and I had it towed to my Montana friend’s house — Carole — where it’s at least off the street and she will keep an eye on it. Continue reading

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It ain’t no fun when the rabbit’s got the gun

The good part of the trip in to Las Vegas on Thursday was spending time with Marie and Gary, mostly Marie because…well…just because, and having lunch with Sylvia Hart after she gave me a ride to the Orleans.  Continue reading

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In need of malware removal, registry fix, system optimization and more

Once again it’s been over two weeks since I disturbed the quiet of Table Tango.  Of course I need much more than the title of this little mass of mental wanderings…I’m almost a hopeless bag (heavy on the bag) of tricks that lost the last trick a few years ago through a hole in the frayed, torn bottom of the bag. Continue reading

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