Still kicking but not very high

I made it out alive, throwing up as I went…yah, I hate that part.  They gave me anti-nausea medication but it didn’t help much. Even got up this morning and barfed.  Trying to sleep my way through as much of the day as I can.  In another few days I will be my onery old self. BYE for now

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Just a small pen in the hinge of life

Unparalleled brain glitches tonight.  Too many diet root beers I suppose.  I haven’t been here in days – and then the day I decided to return, something was askew with the server and I couldn’t get in. I’m not sure I can continue to blame everything on Murphy’s Law but there seems to be an uncanny connection with the way things work out. Continue reading

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A sit down with Tango

It’s time to post. A cup of coffee flavored with sugar-free French Vanilla creme is the bomb right about now.  The weather is a bit bizarre, my dog is on drugs…as always when the weather is bizarre, asleep on the floor close to my feet, and my oldest boy is computering behind me in my little office carved out of my living space.  SWEET!  I’m alive and kicking. Continue reading

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What’s on the menu

I think I’m opting for surgery.  An ultrasound showed gallstones and I’ve had my share of sick, disgusting days – yes, I can be quite sick and disgusting at times but the times I’m referring to were me feeling sick and disgusting over the last few years and much worse in recent times.

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On living and dying

Earlier this month I wrote about my long-time friend Sylvia Hart’s dad and the struggle of health and aging. She’s in Texas now with her family and her dad has been going through catastrophic ups and downs in his battle to live. Continue reading

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The days of the rack attack

My last post talked about the Montana days, Poker Used to be so Much Fun, and brought back a rush of the lunacy and some of the antics that I first watched poker players do, and then learned to do myself. Continue reading

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Poker used to be so much fun

I like to think of them as the ‘glory days’ of poker.  It used to be exciting, and tense, and a gut-wrencher at times, but the most important part of it was…it was fun.  Just the thought of playing was exciting. But then I grew up in another time and under a shitload of stress so poker had to be that one giant escape hatch that offered everything I needed to escape from a work-and-raise-kids lifestyle.  Continue reading

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It’s Friday

To some it means two days off are coming up, to others, such as myself, it’s rarely had any significant meaning because I’ve worked Saturday and Sunday – and holidays – for so many years, the days just roll together. Continue reading

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When it rains in the desert

It floods.  WOOT!  We got it yesterday.  It was c-r-a-z-y! The thunder boomers were booming, Scout’s eyes were rolling in her head, she was pacing, ears peeled back as far as they would go to teensy little points, stuck to the back of her head.  Continue reading

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PokerWorks issues & personal kinda stuff

Due to technical issues that are out of my control, and programmers that have the weekend off, no new content is going to hit the pages of PokerWorks until possibly sometime on Monday.  That sucks. Continue reading

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