More of the Hodge – the Podge

After finding out that I couldn’t play on shift at Bellagio, on Tuesday night, I opted to sign the E/O. Marie was already on her way to play cards with me and when I informed her of the fact that I would be dealing and wouldn’t be playing, we both agreed that when I was off the clock, we would go somewhere else to play. I was out within an hour and half and we headed for The Gold Coast. The last time I played there was over a year ago with Wayne. We hit the poker room, three games running, and got on the list for $4-8, and $2-4. Their games are played with a half Kill. We both got a seat in $2-4 almost immediately. I really don’t want to go crazy with a play report because that is best saved for when ‘the Pan Crew plays the Gold Coast’ – sometime in the future. I did have a slight wrinkle with two of the dealers. Continue reading

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Hodge Podge

An update on playing on shift. I waltzed into work on Monday – got the ‘do you want to work?’ thing, said ‘no’, and left without even looking at the room. Tuesday night, different story. I searched for the E/O-Play List and found it on Kamell’s desk as he was looking through memos on the computer. He wouldn’t release The List – instead, he took a red ink pen and wrote a big ‘no players’ and ran a squiggly red line, below it, down the length of the column. I did a double take. “No players? Don’t we have enough dealers coming in?” Continue reading

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Great news from Ron

Just got a great email from Ron from Texas. The news is so great – it had to go here: Continue reading

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The Pan Game plays the Plaza

This baby is about three weeks long – or so it seems. Grab a brew, relax, kick back, and I’ll paint the picture…enjoy.

Mark AKA Kram called the spot for our weekly tour of Vegas Poker Rooms. He picked the Plaza. My last journey to the Plaza was to play Pan with Wayne – I think. I rarely go downtown and the main reason is that I just don’t care for the whole area – it’s kind of dark – and spooky – and somehow reminds me of a sci-fi scene where people are racing hither and yon and have no idea where they are going or what they are doing as the lights keep flashing and cars/taxis keep spinning by. Continue reading

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Virtual Tour of the ex – house that is

I have been working on a lengthy post of the Saturday play at the Plaza. Only problem is, the Pokerworks site and Tango were being moved to a new server early this AM – there’s a glitch in uploading the photos. Hopefully that will be worked out by tomorrow. In the meantime, my house is finally on the market. You can check out the virtual tour here.

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OMG! Your poker face has a hole in it!

A giant, gaping hole appears in your poker face – you need a medic. No – get a surgeon – you need a complete chin to forehead graft to cover that baby up. So goes another day at the table; watching the people that really think they are players but their behavior patterns open up that gaping hole, leaving them behaving like little whiney asses that can’t take a beat or stand the fact that they might get outplayed. It goes like this: Continue reading

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How in the hell does one get into Bellagio Employee Parking?

Construction of The City has begun..or rather destruction of everything that will stand in the way of the construction, except The Boardwalk and The Boardwalk Parking Garage. But the Boardwalk and the Boardwalk Parking Garage are already gone…they just don’t know it yet. To cop a phrase from Michael Craig, when he was in town to speak for our WPBT in December, “I’m staying at the Boardwalk. It has a big red X on it for the wrecking ball.” (Hey, that’s where I picked him up that morning). Continue reading

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The Silver Steed goes in for surgery!

My trusty companion, the big assed truck that hauls my home around, goes into surgery to have the driver side door repaired (‘we will repair the door from the core’, so stated the technician that spoke with me), and it only takes five working days. Kee-rist! Everything is removed from the door – and the back door – and they are sanded down and the paint is blended so one will never know that I, Ms. Dumbutt, injured it. The lower hinge may also be replaced as the door is slightly ‘SPRUNG’. I must ask them to check out the roof also (roof courtesy of Caesars), and see how much/what/where it will take to return the Silver Steed to its original state. All in all, I’m renting an economy car during the time the Steed is in for repair and cosmetic surgery. I’m not sure I can drive a little, teensy shit car. This is going to be a toughie. Continue reading

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Big Deuce – A WPBT Satellite – And a New Camera – HELP!

Sometimes it’s just too much. Or maybe it’s just me. Over two weeks ago, while I spent my day off hanging out at Wheeler RV, waiting for the motor repair on the jacks on the coach, someone exclaimed, “Wow! The weather’s phenomenal. Summer is here.” Continue reading

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Catching up!

During my week of play vs. deal, I knew Craig Cunningham was coming into town and we were going to meet, if I could keep my butt in Bellagio’s Poker Room long enough for it to happen. The worst of it is that I was there on Thursday night, playing in a game when he came in…and we missed. Continue reading

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