Thanksgiving Eve, the day before gorging begins

I have no way to even begin to think out what is going on with anything and everything. Some days it really doesn’t pay to chew through the ropes, not that this is one of those days. But it started that way when my phone had no cell service this morning but my neighbor who is on the same tracphone service I’m on had service.  I have an iPhone 4s and it did some IOS and carrier updating recently but I had service, until this a.m.

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It was nine days ago – the WSOP November Nine

Little Miss Time Management never seems to keep up with everything and the pages in Table Tango reflect that.  Nothing has gone up since I ventured out with the statement that I was going in to watch the November Nine at the Rio.  I did go.  I didn’t stay long. Continue reading

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I played my ass off trying to win a seat in the Online Nine at the  They had value-added tournaments, and I invested in three of them because I got lucky and won an $11 buy-in $500 guarantee rebuy & add-on. Continue reading

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Ash Meadows

My son Dan and I headed for Ash Meadows Preserve on Monday with the Point of Rocks as our destination — I was there with Riot in February of 2009.  We were going to look at the blue pup fish that are an endangered species.  Not to worry, the government shutting down also shutdown most of the roads that would normally allow access to the Point of Rocks and Crystal Reservoir marsh lands and a few other places.

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It’s almost midnight

I don’t have any oil to burn. I’ll just rough it until I run out of steam and then I’ll go crawl into my comfy little bed and wait for the Sandwoman to gently carry me off to the land of sleep and nod. Continue reading

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Sundays are…

the day to play online poker if you can get in a game without having the feds close it down before you can cash out.  Of course that doesn’t apply to the rest of the world, just those of us that live in the land of the free (major sarcastic rip intended there).

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Two Week Update

The last few days are ‘firsts’ in terms of brain activity related to work duties.  Mostly I’ve been in a daze of feel good for a bit, do a few things, eat, feel like shit, exhausted, need a nap, can’t think about anything with a focus on detail, and NOW?  Who knows!  I am much better though. Continue reading

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A game of players

Years ago, back before the U.S. government bit us all in the ass with their protection theory — in other words, we couldn’t handle the mindless gambling beast that lives within us and the UIGEA was signed into law — I had the dream of having a poker blogosphere here at PokerWorks.  We did start with some of the most well-read poker bloggers at the time: Continue reading

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A week ago

about this time, I was in super-coma mode.  Throwing up, in pain, but knowing that if I had just jumped off the gurney when they rolled me into surgery about three hours before, I wouldn’t be going through any of that.  Before we leave the subject of surgery, how do doctors keep their fingers nimble and on target when the surgical room is so cold you can hang meat in there? Continue reading

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Barely Crawling

I suppose there’s a flaw in my thoughts that always makes me think I’m 20 instead of a granny that’s eligible for SS. I figured I’d have the gallbladder removal done and be up and chipper within a few days.  No…I’m not joking.  I didn’t think I’d run a marathon but I thought I’d be much more improved than the real picture is showing me…now that some of the fog is out of my head. Continue reading

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